Producers your time is now....

We've been really encouraged by the number of registrations from producers so far but more surprisingly even though we're not yet ready for consumers to buy, we've had people signing up just to express interest and say they like the idea. One even detailed the order they are wanting to place once we're live.

So producers - your time is now. We are selecting our first producers who we will work closely with to support and help get set-up on our platform. We'll be selecting mainly from those who register an interest via the web-site. There is no risk or obligation by expressing your interest, it simply allows us to understand a little bit about your business and to start a conversation. We are being deliberately selective to ensure a balance of produce when we go live.

What happens after expressing an interest?

We are reviewing new producers who sign-up each week, we're looking for great produce but also a story to tell. We want a mix of different sizes and niche producers - So tell us why you are special and don't be put off if you are small scale or niche.

We'll almost certainly need more information from you - and you from us, so we'll usually email you to ask you how you'd like us to contact you. We can explain how Batchseed works, show you a demo and chat about our unique commercial model. The great news is that there’s no upfront costs - we only earn our money when you sell your produce.

What we're offering (and why you should get involved now)

We obviously want our launch producers and their products to look their best. We also want to make sure our system works well and is really easy to use. So we'll be working very closely with our first group of producers to help them get setup. It also gives us a great opportunity to listen to what they need and want, to get some advice and to help shape the platform a little so it works better for you.

So, we’d love to have you on board and be one of the first to try a new way of selling direct. If you are interested, please register your interest today.