Change can be good....

It’s widely acknowledged that we are living in unprecedented political and economic times. British farming and food production faces a highly uncertain future. But in change there is always huge opportunity. 

With some UK farms receiving as much as half their income from EU subsidies, the threat to farm income is very real. Whilst this funding may continue until 2020 it is unlikely to continue beyond that in it’s current form. This alone will prompt many small and family farms and small scale producers to seriously reconsider their viability and business model, add to this a continual downward pressure on prices from large retailers and it paints a bleak picture.

However change represents opportunity, and the silver lining is that consumer interest in provenance and what we eat has never been higher. So ahead of the launch of we will be sharing positive opportunities and success we see in UK food and farming. Producers already involved are sharing their ideas for communicating their message direct to consumers. 

Why not let us know about how you would like to see the sector change.