Why batchSeed?

As a father of 4 who grew up in the country surrounded by food production, I've wanted the same connection with food for my children. Whilst the strains of running a modern farming business would be totally out of my comfort zone, we've been fortunate enough to secure a few acres to raise poultry, sheep and pigs and grow a variety of vegetables with varying degrees of success. We've shown our children the effort that goes into the to food they eat. Countless weekends spent mucking out and building fences but also the pleasure of seeing a pig give birth to 14 piglets or an apple tree so heavy with fruit it could hardly hold it's limbs up. We've reaped the reward of producing more sausage than one family could viably consume, and certainly more cider than I could drink.

This process, watching what my own children gained and more importantly the interest of friends who were happy to pay for sausages and other produce, led to the idea for batchSeed.

The world is changing, fast. You only need switch on any media channel for a few minutes and the uncertainty and disconnection of modern life is worryingly apparent. From the Dairy Crisis to Brexit, farming and food production is caught up in the turmoil of a connected world where consumer choice is greater than ever before yet understanding and empathy for it is at an all time low.

With batchSeed we hope to address the disconnection that I personally believe is at the heart of issues with modern food production. Helping make the story behind food an intrinsic part of its value, as well as sharing the risks and rewards. I hope this is what sets us apart from other food retail websites. Transparency is something that a new generation of food producers are increasingly comfortable with, but consumers need convenient and safe ways to engage using technology with which they are familiar. My hope is that batchSeed will provide that platform and that you will give it a try!